Smoke and cooking chamber

Smoke and cooking chamber


- Traditional production of heat and smoke

- Air heated up to 180˚C

- Air uniformly saturated with smoke

- Electric and pneumatic systems for controlling executive devices

- The chamber is designed to be loaded using 980 mm-long

smoke-curing poles

- Continuous motion conveyor operation (uniform smoke-curing

for the whole batch volume)

- High-tech microprocessor controller (remote process control, full

process control, process recording)

- Panel-based chamber design, (guarantees the chamber is rigid

thermal insulation preventing from heat loss, extended

chamber's lifetime, the insulation is protected against moisture)

- Thermally insulated hearth, (prevents heat loss).


Standard equipment:

automatic device control system, exhaust fan,

microprocessor controller, polish language display,

hearth with heat-resistant elements, smoke chute,

inspection window in the chamber door.